Amy and Schuyler :: Camp Plymouth State Park, Plymouth, Vermont

Amy and Schuyler wanted to enjoy the entire weekend with their friends and family, so they loved the idea of using Camp Plymouth State Park for their wedding, where everyone could stay for the weekend onsite. Amy and Schuyler did a lot of the work for the wedding day themselves. Amy is not only a photographer, but also a very talented graphic designer. She designed a personalized "logo" of sorts for their day and used it as camp patches that guests received as favors, on canvas tote bags that guests could take with them when they left and on their marriage certificate that all their guests were asked to sign. The logo was the start to a color theme that carried through the day with the bright floral arrangements and the peaches and pinks worn by their wedding party. During the ceremony, Amy and Schuyler asked their friends and family to stand up and share stories or anything else they wanted to say about the couple. It really reflected how everyone was there to celebrate this special couple. The groom's mother contributed to their day too by making face masks for each guest, which were placed near the bride and groom's homemade photo booth.