Julia and Gregg | Lyman Estate Wedding | Waltham, Mass


When Julia and Gregg got engaged last fall, Julia had her heart set on a outdoor, festive, tented wedding and fell in love with The Lyman Estate's historic property. Julia wanted her wedding day to have a clean, elegant and classic feel. She chose a beautiful shade of light pink for the bridesmaids dresses and ties for the groom and groomsmen. The purple and pink floral centerpieces were simple and continued the elegant, classic tone to the day. But the most important thing to Julia and Gregg was that their guests all had an amazing time and I think the dance floor photos show that they definitely made that happen! 

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We LOVE the photos! We have been looking through them all weekend. I've probably gone through them at least 5 times. They really capture the day so well and help us remind us how joyful and special the day was. You capture expressions so well. There are so many great pictures!

- Julia, Bride

Thank you so much for your FABULOUS photography!  What a wonderful job you did!  It has been such a thrill to look through everything - you did so well!  What a treat!  They are all superb!

- Christine, Mother of the Bride