Newburyport Engagement Session | Alicia and Amy

I met up with Alicia and Amy near their home in the Salisbury Beach area of Massachusetts. They wanted to capture a few quick photos of themselves with their beloved children, Petey and Piper, who are so stinkin' cute I might add. Then we headed over to Plum Island to explore the wilderness and get a few mosquito bites. Alicia and Amy are two special people who love to laugh together, and who obviously love each other very much. I'm so excited to capture their wedding day this winter at The Wolfeboro Inn

I asked Alicia to tell the story of how her and Amy met and fell and love, so in her words, here's how it happened :: 

"It was Sunday, August 25th, 2013 - the I day I met Amy. Well, let me should have been Friday, August 23rd that I met Amy, but I canceled...I know what you're all thinking, "what a jerk!" Hear me out though: I got cold feet and said I couldn't go meet her. Then I had a talk with my best friend and she flat out said, "do you want to be alone forever?!" So with that soothing tone and loving advice, I asked Amy to reschedule for Sunday and she said yes...and I'm certainly glad she did.

Amy and I decided to meet at the pier in Newburyport before going out to dinner. We met online and if any of you have done online dating then you know the meeting in a public place first rule. For all I know, Amy could've been a 50 year old, 400 lb. man with a cat hanging around his neck...luckily, she was just Amy. And I shouldn't even say she was "just Amy" because when I met her on the pier and she introduced herself she was so much more than "just Amy" to me already. It was like a bolt of lightening hit me. I was head over heels.

From there, Amy and I went to dinner and I don't think I shut my mouth the whole time. I was nervous and wanted this woman to love me! So we ate and talked and then went to the pier again after and talked for over two hours. We sat and talked and laughed and cried...just kidding, no crying, c'mon, did you really believe that part?!

Our night was broken down by some skunks that decided to, we didn't get sprayed, but had they not come along I think we could've stayed there all night talking. We continued to see each other and from there we moved in together, adopted our wonderful son/best friend/dog, Petey, and now we are engaged and have since adopted, our daughter, Piper. We are two women, best friends, that are in love and excited to take the next step of life together by getting married and to spend that day with our loved ones." 

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