Weston Massachusetts Bar Mitzvah Photographer | Tate

This is the story of a young man who at age 13 has seen and done more than many adults. Tate's official journey into adulthood began this fall with a beautiful Bar Mitzvah ceremony at his parents home in Weston, Massachusetts. Tate's father, Tom, gave a heartwarming speech during the Bar Mitzvah ceremony about Tate's sincere and caring personality. Tom made everyone laugh with stories of Tate growing up and brought everyone to tears as he told everyone how proud he was of his son. The day was filled with warmth. Watching Tate's friends and family interact with him and each other, you could tell how much love there was in the room. The photos are mostly of the ceremony (which was pretty cool since you are not normally allowed to photograph the Bar Mitzvah ceremony!) because Tate decided that instead of having a big party to celebrate with his friends and family, he would rather go on a trip to explore more of the world. He's obviously a very smart young man! Tate's parents invited their guests into their home for a relaxed lunch after the ceremony. It was a wonderful day! Congratulations Tate!