Massachusetts Engagement Photographer | Glen Magna Farms | Hillary + Michael

Hillary and Michael scheduled their engagement session in May in hopes that we could do the shoot outside at a cozy little spot on Rye Beach on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. At the last minute, with terrible weather in the forecast, Hillary was able to work her magic and get us into Glen Magna Farms for a couple of hours (one of my favorite venues!). It probably didn't hurt that they'll be getting married there next summer. But we lucked out - the weather held off for a bit so we could wander the grounds for some of the photos. We ended up inside the house at Glen Magna, which is so cute and full of character - it's the perfect option for indoor shoots when the weather isn't cooperating. Luckily, Glen Magna's coordinator Heather, was willing to double as a human light stand so I could get capture the images in the library and on the sofa! Thanks to Glen Magna, Heather and most importantly, Hillary and Michael for a great afternoon!