Romantic, Modern Engagement Photography | Boston, MA | Shauna and Ciaran

Shauna, Ciaran and I met up at the Boston Public Garden and Beacon Hill in Boston for their engagement shoot this past weekend. They brought along their two year old daughter, Eve, who is so adorable. Can you believe that Shauna said that her and Ciaran weren't photogenic??

Here's the story of how they met and their engagement in Shauna's words:

Both coming from Ireland and our hometown about 300 miles apart, Ciaran and I met through some mutual friends in 2003 at a BBQ, we eventually got together in the summer of 2007 when at last we were both mutually single for the first time. Our friends said it was inevitable and no one was surprised when we got together (actually I do believe there were a few bets placed that summer on the fact that we eventually would!). Eve came along in December 2009, combining the best of both of us, she reminded us how right we are for each other. In October 2011 Eve and Ciaran arrived home one evening, I heard some mumbling and then Eve shout "NO!" and throw something on the floor (in true Eve style). I went into check what was going on. Eve picked up the bag and handed it to me. There was a handwritten message attached from Ciaran and on the bag it read "Mammy, will you marry Daddy?" Helping me open the box, Eve insisted on wearing  "Mama's Pretty" on her thumb. We celebrated with our friends at an Irish Festival that weekend.

I'm so looking forward to celebrating with Shauna and Ciaran in September!